About us

tessa-rock.jpgSince 1986, as we have seen Las Brisas develop into the outstanding resort it is today with its beautiful gardens and excellent location, we have since purchased more villas/holiday bungalows on the site. This gives us the flexibility to offer our holiday homes in a number of locations and sizes within the complex and to cater for all your needs. This all done in conjunction with Wimpen.

Las Brisas does offer all you could need: spacious accommodation, proximity to the village, shops restaurants and beaches as well as a home from home in the sunshine. We came here as we were taken with the breathtaking views, clean beaches at Playa Blanca (including the natural secluded beaches of Papagayo), great restaurants and friendly people.

We love our villas here and are continually looking at ways to enhance your holiday experience. We love to hear from our guests and love to be able to provide them with all they require for an enjoyable holiday which will leave you refreshed.